Hot Water Heat Pumps


Save your power bill

Hydro Hero's super efficient Panasonic inverter heats your hot water over three times more efficiently than an electric cylinder in an Auckland climate. Hot water makes up more than a third of the average New Zealand household electricity bill so Hydro Hero can beat back your total electricity bill by 25% or more.


Faster heating

With 80 percent more heating output than a normal 2kW cylinder, your hot water replacement speed is almost doubled. Don't dread being last to the shower with Hydro Hero backing you up. Sleep in and let the family beat you to it; Hydro Hero will have piping hot water ready and waiting even after heavy usage.


Take control

With an easy to use LED display you can customise your Hydro Hero to maximise performance and efficiency. Hydro Hero allows full control of your water temperature and can be set on a timer to suit your usage. Hydro Hero will measure the current water temperature and ambient temperature while monitoring and displaying all relevant information.


Style and convenience

Hydro Hero is an attractive indoor or outdoor option in a brushed stainless steel finish. The indoor unit is a convenient and easy replacement for any existing cylinder as a straight upgrade. The outdoor unit can be plumbed outside to reclaim cupboard space and make more room for storage.


Enjoy the pressure

Hydro Hero comes on full mains pressure so you can enjoy steaming hot water anytime. If you're upgrading from a low or medium pressure cylinder with our Hydro Hero you can expect a life changing improvement in water pressure.


Blue-Fin galvanization

Panasonic's Blue-Fin coating protects Hydro Hero. The coating is an anti-corrosive galvanizing agent applied to every unit during the manufacturing process. Blue-Fin is perfect for New Zealand's corrosive coastal conditions. It triples the life of the heat pump unit, helping your Hydro Hero go the distance.


Trust Quality

Energy Efficient Solutions is New Zealand's largest distributor of Panasonic heat pumps and Panasonic were awarded the most trusted heat pump brand for 2013. Know you are in good hands with Hydro Hero; the highest quality product installed by the best in the business.


Dual warranty

Purchase Hydro Hero with peace of mind as it is guaranteed with a dual warranty. Hydro Hero comes with a full 10-year warranty on the cylinder and 6-year warranty on the heat pump to ensure the performance of every Hero for years to come.