Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Single Heat Pumps

The system consists of a single indoor unit and outdoor unit and is aimed at handling only one room.

The advantages of such systems are:
  • Heat pumps are economical to run as they only condition the room intended
  • Each room having an air conditioning unit can be set to have its own condition
  • There are numerous options so there is usually a solution for every dwelling or office, including flat-roofed and multi-storey buildings
  • Heat pumps are some of the most energy efficient units available and are very economical to run
  • There are several types of air con units to match both your style and your pocket.

Multi Heat Pumps

This system consists of a single outdoor unit driving a number of indoor air conditioning units.

The advantages of such systems are:
  • Having only one outdoor unit driving a number of indoor heat pumps reduces outdoor space requirements and the level of noise generated
  • Each room can still be set to its own temperature, though you can't have one unit on heating while another is on cooling
  • You have almost the same range of indoor units available as you have for single heat pump systems, so you have the same flexibility of installation
  • They are some of the most energy efficient units available and so are economical to run
  • Aircon Direct are multi system specialists, call us today for more information for any heat pump / air conditioning requirements you may have.

Ducted Heat Pumps

This system consists of one or more large units placed in the ceiling feeding conditioned air throughout a zone or home.

The advantages of such systems are:
  • They are one of the quietest forms of air conditioning
  • Very even heating in the whole home, so you don't experience changes in temperature as you go from one area to another
  • Cost-effective when doing a number of rooms in an area, such as the bedrooms
  • Lower draught levels or perceptible air movement
  • They operate well even when doors are closed (useful for bedrooms)
  • It is easy to introduce fresh air replacement (including a Heat Recovery Ventilation system), avoiding the need to install a separate ventilation system and making significant cost savings
  • Sophisticated controllers, so can easily automate operation to minimize energy consumption
  • Because the system is hidden in the roof cavity, it is unobtrusive and allows you to put your furniture and wall hangings wherever you wish
  • Ideal system for single storey homes with high ceilings where conditioned air is vented through floor grilles.
Aircon Direct ensures a superior installation of your ducted system, using quality components and installation methods.

Air Conditioning Centralised Control

It is possible to provide centralised control for all of your home's heat pumps. This is where a single controller is used to programme the various air conditioning units in the house or offices. Alternatively, we can also link the air conditioning units to a building management system, thereby avoiding the need to buy a centralised controller.

Residential Central Remote Controller (option)

  • Max. 16 groups of indoor units can be easily controlled with large LCD panel
  • Max 16 groups (128 units) controllable
  • Large LCD panel for easy readability
  • ON/OFF, temperature settings and scheduling can be controlled individually for indoor units
  • All indoor units can be turned on or off at once using the "ALL" button
  • Each group has a dedicated button for convenience
  • Outside temperature display

Central Remote Controller (option)

  • Max. 64 groups (zones) can be controlled individually same as LCD remote controller
  • Max. 64 groups (128 indoor units) controllable
  • Max. 128 groups (128 indoor units) can be controlled using two central remote controllers, which can be from two different places
  • Zone control
  • Malfunction code display
  • Airflow volume and direction can be controlled individually for each indoor unit group
  • Up to 4 ON/OFF pairs can be set per day by connecting a schedule timer

Schedule Timer (option)

  • Max. 128 indoor units can be operated as programmed schedule
  • When used in combination with central remote controller, a maximum of 8 weekly schedule patterns e.g. workweeks, holiday periods) can be set, while the central controller can be used to select desired zones.
  • 48 hr battery backup

Wi-Fi Controller

  • Control your system away from home.
  • Adjust functions from you hand held device.
  • Requires compatible wireless network device.
  • Sophisticated scheduling, interlocks, history recording, temperature limiting etc.

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